How Do I Set The Clock On My Computer?

If Windows 10: Click the START button, it’s the round button on the bottom left of the screen. When the menu comes up, click Settings > Time and Language. Under Set Time, click Change Date and Time. This will open the Date and Time Settings dialog box under Date and Time click “Set Date and Time Automatically” and click Update All under Time, click Change Time Zone and Click Change Time Zone under Choose your location, click the dropdown menu of your city from the list and click OK.

For PC’s

Press the “Windows” key, or tap the appropriate key on the keyboard. Start typing the word “clock” until the &qu. You may need to go to the Control Panel. Click on the icon which is labeled as “More PC info”.
Step In the System Tray, double-click on “Date and Time”. Select the Date and Time tab, and then select “Adjust date and time”. Put your cursor over “Set date and time” and a calendar will appear.

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