How To Scan A Document To Computer?


A number of document scanners are available on the market. They scan documents by illuminating them with infrared light. Scanners have two glass plates that slide over one another, and this type of scanning is called contact scanning. When one of these scanner plates (normally the bottom plate) is moved across the text placed between the two glass plates, light shining through captures an image of that text or picture, producing high-quality digital images within seconds.

A newer type of scanner is available called a sheet-fed scanner where paper passes through it one sheet at a time (rather than passing through both glass windows together).

Use a scanning app

Scanning documents with your camera is very easy. There are many paid and free apps for this purpose, but if you don’t want to pay, the scanner built into your phone should work just fine. One of the most popular free scanner apps is Scanner Pro for iPhone and iPad. Simply open up the app and press record to capture a photo of your document while it’s laying on a flat surface inside the frame provided in the app. Once scanned, it will spit out a digital copy that can be saved or shared directly from within Send File. The quality varies by device and iOS version because there’s no way for third-party developers like us to look at all devices make adjustments accordingly.


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