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Media.Net Review:Is This Better Than Google Adsense? Complete Guide

Post By Admin : 03-May-2019 is a standout amongst the Best Adsense Alternatives may be a discourse Ad Network that powers the Yahoo!-Bing discourse ad platform and guarantees not solely prime quality however conjointly high paying ads. It offers publishers access to over $5bn of advertiser’s search demand. thus it’s truly called one in every of the simplest Adsense Alternatives.

If you would like to run with the highest networks, you’ve need to work with Google, Facebook or Bing/Yahoo, and that we have lined heaps regarding Adsense and a few of Facebook Audience network recently, thus it absolutely was solely time to jot down and show works.

For people who don’t grasp what a discourse ad platform is, it means the advertisements square measure supported the context of the page. this implies if your web site content is regarding yoga, your guests are going to be shown ads associated with the yoga trade like yoga pants, yoga mats, yoga on-line courses, etc.The performance of discourse ads is typically higher as compared to different kinds of ads as a result of once Associate in Nursing user lands on an internet site, and sees ads that square measure in set with the webpage he's additional seemingly to click on them instead of one thing that's fully random and unrelated.

As a high-quality ad network solely accepts websites that have premium content, regardless of the size and size of the diary. The returns that publishers will expect with square measure nearly as good like Adsense, in fact, generally it’s even higher. If you're searching for another to Google Adsense, I’d say while not a doubt, is your answer.

 Program Guidelines

The program is right now just open to sites that:

  • Have content in English
  • Receive majority of their traffic from United States, United Kingdom or Canada
  • Contain mainly original content
  • Have content that is updated regularly
  • Does not infringe any third party intellectual property rights
  • Have reasonable volume of visitors already using the website.
  • Does not contain excessive advertising
  • Have a reasonable amount of content
  • Have navigation-friendly website design

You are probably going to get dismissed by if your sites contains at least one of the accompanying:

  • Programming Piracy, for example, warez, torrentz, splitting, hacking, phreaking or comparable unlawful downloads 
  • Free facilitated pages 
  • Concealed connections and content 
  • Under development, stopped pages or pages without substance 
  • Misleading or manipulative substance or development of destinations to improve web search tool positioning 
  • Destinations that divert traffic to another site other than ones explicitly affirmed on the Program 
  • Advance exercises commonly comprehended as Internet misuse, for example, sending of spontaneous mass electronic mail or the utilization of spyware will not approve websites that promote, contain or link directly to:

  • Grown-up, Pornographic or any illicit substance. 
  • Tabacco, liquor, ammo, dangerous substances, illicit medications, gore, savagery, betting and bigotry content. 
  • Pages containing foulness or substance that as well as segregates or is hostile to any segment of individuals. 
  • Loathe, brutality, racial bigotry, or supporter against any individual, gathering, or association. 
  • Clearance of fake items, impersonations of planner or different merchandise, stolen things or any items that encroach licensed innovation privileges of different gatherings. 
  • Projects which advance invalid snap action by paying clients to tap on promotions, peruse sites, read email and so forth. 
  • Sites that contain gatherings, talk sheets, visit rooms, or any substance zone that is available to open updates without satisfactory balance. 
  • Locales with substance that has been created utilizing PC projects and subsequently may not be comprehendible. 
  • Locales with phony news.


  • High performance discourse ads
  • High Paying native Ads
  • Approval takes a pair of business days or perhaps sooner
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No specific Minimum Traffic needed

How to Sign Up/Registration Progress

Applying to is simple and quick, the endorsement procedure can take a few hours to a limit of 2 business days on a normal. 

Go to (click here to Signup). You'll be requested for: 

  • Your Website URL
  • Your email
  • Phone number

Media.Net Review:

As we’ve coated the sign-up and configuration method, we have a tendency to additionally needed to check quickly on a specific web site so as to let the system learn and optimize for higher performance.

We left the system running a bit bit over thirty days during a young web site that receives but a hundred visits per day simply to envision however it performed. the subsequent report shows the last thirty days for this explicit website:

As you'll see, even tiny and fairly new websites will legalize their traffic with reliable ad networks like It’s additionally attention-grabbing to envision the live impressions (blue box up image above) wherever it shows you the impressions of the last hourand that we did atiny low take a look at and sent around fifty guests from social media and it looked as if it would work well and update each hour.





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