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Top Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO: 2019 Latest Edition

Post By Admin : 30-Apr-2019

Keywords are one in all the foremost essential and vital elements of SEO. we've already mentioned this well here.

The basic foundation of SEO is keyword analysis.

Afterward, alternative factors like on-page improvement, Writing SEO friendly content, a good UX, content that satisfies user intent and many alternative factors inherit the image.

Many corporations invest thousands of greenbacks to procure keyword analysis to induce such targeted content.

But you don’t ought to try this. simply follow this guide…

The keywords you select to target for your program improvement (SEO) efforts ar essential to the success of your website’s rank.

Choosing the correct keywords isn’t continually straightforward or intuitive and you would like a great deal of information to grasp whether or not a given keyword can work for you.

If you're fully unaccustomed keyword analysis tools and also the method of keyword analysis, here ar some guides from the past which is able to assist you perceive the basics:

So currently you recognize the fundamentals of keyword analysis associate degreed you've got an understanding of however valuable it may be.

Fortunately, there ar several tools offered that may assist you puzzle out that keywords work the simplest for your overall internet strategy. There ar principally 2 styles of Keyword analysis tool:

  1. Basic Keyword research: Use the seed Keyword to search out profitable Keywords
  2. Competitor primarily based Keyword research: realize verified keywords that ar serving to alternative sites to drive traffic.

Personally, I realize rival primarily based Keyword analysis to be simpler because the purpose of the Keyword analysis is to search out profitable Keywords. What might be additional profitable than one thing that is already operating for someone?

All you would like to try and do at that time is to form a page targeting that profitable keyword & reap the advantage of keyword analysis.

In this exclusive guide, I even have lined each the sort of Keywords. Most of those keyword analysis tools ar paid and solely a couple of of them ar free.

Here are the list of tools listed below:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  3. Ahrefs 
  4. LongTailPro
  5. KWFinder 
  6. SpyFU

 Top Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO: 2019 Latest Edition

1. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool


Ahrefs is one amongst the foremost in style keyword tools out there.

What i actually like concerning them is in depth detail together with the keyword issue. Ahrefs uses clickstream information to conjointly show what number clicks you'll get from the programme. this can be terribly helpful when information graph integration, as several keywords might have vast traffic however they hardly get any clicks from the programme. Reason being, they get answers directly from the Google search result. Example of 1 such question is: “birthdate of any celebrity


SEMRUSH isn't a typical keyword analysis tool; it offers such a lot over simply researching keywords.

Unlike alternative tools wherever you would like to feature seed keywords to begin your analysis, here you simplyought to add your universal resource locator (or your competitor’s URL) and it'll show you all of the keywords that square measure ranking for that web site.

This makes it easier for you to search out short-tail and long-tail keywords that you just will target and beat out your competition.

you'll be able to get in-depth details on:

  1. Traffic stats
  2. Search engine reports
  3. Adsense CPC
  4. and so several alternative details that you just want in properly managing Associate in Nursing SEO campaign.

 3.Google Keyword Planner <Free>

The Google Keyword Planner tool is one amongst the foremost used and common keyword analysis tools out there.

The only reason for it being therefore common is it’s free and is directly integrated with Google AdWords.

To start victimisation this tool you would like to possess Associate in Nursing AdWords account (which you'll be able to produce one for free).

Features: the most important feature of the Keyword Planner tool is that the deep data it offers on Google (the largest search engine).
Limitations: In some ways in which, that’s conjointly a limitation. If you wish to understand however your websiteor a given keyword is doing on different search engines, you won’t get onto here.
Pricing: unengaged to use.
The Keyword Planner tool may be a sensible, basic tool for the first stages of a website’s SEO.

This my favorite free tool, however if you would like additional elaborate and competitive analysis, i'd advocategoing for one amongst the advanced tools that I actually have listed below.


LongTailPro could be a cloud-based software package for keyword analysis and one in all the foremost well-likedduring this list.

This is a paid keyword analysis tool which is able to assist you notice wonderful keywords for your niche/micro-niche sites. With their “platinum” version, you'll be able to get extremely|a very|a extremely} wonderful and really carefulkeyword analysis feature.

They even have a contest checker, which is able to create it easier for you to choose the proper keyword. 


If you're trying to find one tool that is totally dedicated to Keyword analysis solely, KWFinder is your best bet. they'renew within the market nonetheless they're one in every of the quickest growing SEO tool company.

KWFinder helps you get the Keyword which will assist you drive extremely targeted traffic. exploitation queriesprimarily based Keyword analysis choice you'll be able to quickly realize long tail keywords that ar associated withproblem-solving. It’s no brainer that problem-solving content helps U.S.A. get additional targeted traffic & conversion.


Here’s what you would like to grasp regarding this one:

  1. Uses: SpyFu is very helpful for 2 vital reasons.
  2. Understanding your competition’s SEO platform.
  3. Discovering under-served, un-tapped, or rising markets.
  • Features: SpyFu conjointly has many modules.
  • Compare Websites module
  • Keyword History module
  • Domain History module
  • Related Keywords module

Limitations: This program doesn’t have the depth of keywords that some competitors do, though this is oftendynamical. Also, the information for SpyFu is monthly, instead of period of time.

  • Pricing: SpyFu offers 2 basic evaluation arrangeyet as AN “Agency” plan.

The basic plans ar $79 and $99 per month (with a reduction of quite four-hundredth if you get a 1 year term).
The “Agency” evaluation is $999 per month.
SpyFu may be a solid SEO product.


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