What Is Computer Processor?

The basic components of a computer include the “CPU,” which is short for a central processing unit – this is often called the “brain” of the machine.

The CPU takes information that you input, carries out calculations on it, and then tells your computer what to do with it (display text on your screen, move stuff around on the desktop). CPUs are like mini-computers inside your computer. But while most computers can run many kinds of programs at once by multitasking, only one program may use the CPU at any given time; when another program needs some computing power to do something quickly (play sound or video), it may borrow some unused capacity from other programs – which slows down all their computing until they’re done. A processor (or CPU) has several cores. Each core can carry out certain tasks. When you buy a computer, it will say for example 4 Cores/8 Threads. This means that the computer has 4 CPUs with 8 threads each.

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